As a healthIT developer currently residing in the San Francisco Bay Area, I have worked on projects ranging from information security, CSF & trust framework development, risk management, medical device regulation and FDA policy consulting, healthcare business analysis, scalable QSR development, diversity outreach & company culture development, QA & project management. I am particularly interested in open healthcare hardware, privacy education & patient data access.



Technical Work

  • DICOM Grid Senior healthcare IT policy & medical device regulations advisor. Developed & lead QA program, privacy & compliance management, & emerging platform advocacy. Simple, straightforward digital radiology rendering, storage & data transfer support for EHRs, HIEs, CROs, patients & providers.
  • DirectTrust Developed business & technical recommendations to automate the DirectTrust Trust Anchor Distribution System, including budget, resource allocation, technical requirements, security audit & workflow processes. Currently helping organizations navigate EHNAC DTAAP Accreditation.
  • Getaround Hardware development, prototyping & troubleshooting contract to expedite the deployment of new hardware into production. Lead developer for in-house install toolkit using Python, Bottle & SQLite.
  • GoogleGlass Project manager developing clinical wound care healthcare solutions through GoogleGlass & MYO gesture control technology partnering with JacksonMemorial, UMLSP & Rokk3r Labs in Miami. Focus on image mapping, personal health data analytics & edge trend analysis in diabetic & neuropathic ulcer treatment.
  • Clinical Trials Map Created a national map directory visualization for ongoing relevant cancer clinical trials within the NIH database with Scrapy & GoogleMaps on a traditional LAMP stack.
  • Diabetic Utility Developed a unique email work-around to track BGL, activity, mood & health notes in a webapp journal, with graphing, analytics, charting & clinical file format export capabilities to help diabetics collaborate effectively with their care team.
  • FloriData Foundation Founder, 501(c)3 non profit open health data analytics & data ownership rights advocacy group for the health, wellness & medical app market. Focus on quality population health outcomes through empowered patient education.
  • Hardware Hacker Several home hacker automation projects involving aviation, Arduino, RaspberryPi, 3D printing & programming & other little homebrew projects.

Speaking Engagements

  • Stanford MedX Research finalist for the 2015 Stanford MedicineX Symplur Data Analytics Research Challenge focusing on leveraging social media for healthcare outreach & education for rural & disadvantaged populations. Specific focus on bridging the engagement gap between mental health providers & at risk populations with emphasis on youth suicide prevention.
  • Flip the Clinic Invited forum participant at the 2015 San Francisco Robert Wood Johnson Foundation innovation experiment to transform the patient-clinician experience through multi-stakeholder collaborative "flips."
  • Medicine 2.0 Panelist at the 2014 Bridging the Patient Digital Divide presentation in Maui representing the technical healthIT developer voice. Specifically addressing the excuses for non-adoption of patient collaborative technologies such as mobile health, how the digital divide affects quality of patient care disproportionately & how these concerns are changing the landscape of healthcare. An actionable, educational & solution based approach to these issues was at the foundation of the discussion.
  • AdaCamp Session leader at the invite-only 2014 AdaInitiative AdaCamp un-conference in Portland, dedicated to increasing the female voice in open source technology & culture. The session focused on solutions for open data in healthcare, health data ownership rights, participatory medicine & current open government healthcare innovation initiatives.
  • HealthDatapalooza Presentor at the 2014 HealthDatapalooza in DC on healthcare access deserts as they affect singular patients versus household combinations, elder care & patients with rare diseases or multiple comorbidities. Data was analyzed from the Medicare Provider Payment Data & the potential use case of ACO development based upon known care voids was proposed.
  • Health 2.0 Presenter at the 2013 Health 2.0 in San Francisco on alternative passive data collection, collaboration & analysis methods for the diabetic population, specifically for lower income populations, those without access to smartphones, or in work environments with prohibitive firewall policies, or no internet access. Engagement model focused on leveraging outbound email with wearable tech & aggregating information into a weekly/monthly/quarterly report in both human & machine readable format.

Community Involvement