Days since HIMSS has been unable to provide any information regarding conference code of conduct, anti sexual harassment policies and assault reporting procedures:

Or, in other words, way too long. HIMSS has been unwilling to provide any concrete information on how to report misconduct, rape, assault, harassment nor willing to provide information on how HIMSS handles such reports, or what even constitutes misconduct at an event. There is currently no information publicly available online, and numerous calls to legal and public relations have come up null. While HIMSS has several different codes of conduct internally, conference attendees are only expected to abide by the terms and conditions of their registration, which does not include any behavior or conduct clauses. Unfortunately, unless something has already personally happened, and a complaint is being filed with the police, HIMSS is unable to share their internal codes of conduct or mitigation procedures.

Support a safe environment for all attendees, and email HIMSS requesting they adopt the The Ada Initiative Conference Anti-Harassment Guidelines.

Email HIMSS Executive Management Here