HealthDatapalooza Finals

The closing remarks to a series of posts documenting three strangers 5k miles apart attempting work for the first time together on the Health Data Consortium’s HealthDataPalooza Code-A-Palooza.

It has been an insane month.

This year’s Health Data Consortium’s HealthDatapalooza was a resounding success, and the Code-A-Palooza challenge was no exception. Out of 60 team applications and 10 finalists, 3 teams were chosen as the 2014 winners taking home $35,000 in cash prizes. The three winners, Lyfechannel, Accordion Health, and Karmadata each applied the CMS Provider Utilization data set in unique, sophisticated, and novel ways with beautifully designed dashboards and patient centric data visualizations.

While we are thrilled to make it to the finals for the live app demo, unfortunately TeamFloriduh did not place. We did however gain the opportunity to work with a number of other developer groups attending HealthDatapalooza and we look forward to these future partnerships. Our current platform integration plans range from social health insights to ACO mapping, population health management, and more. Additionally, we are allocating resources for FOIA requests to gain access to more open government health data sets. As a community effort, questions, comments, suggestions, and critiques are more than welcomed. Our growing platform is first and foremost for patients, consumers, caretakers, and data junkies like you.

On a more personal note, we set out for this to be a community event, something that the social healthIT crowd could rally behind. We raised nearly $6k through Medstartr and other donationations, and collaborated with countless friends, family and colleagues to put together a true community effort. We really wanted to focus on data visualizations, not dashboards and d3js, so all the data analysis was done in R programing language, and python for the visualization. You can see our deck here and some sample hires renderings here, and as always, our code is open sourced.

None of this would have been remotely possible without the help and support of the #HITsm community, and for that we are incredibly grateful. We look forward to working with others in the open health data space, and as always welcome anyone who wishes to contribute however they may.

And, as always, a very special thanks to both Mandi and Nick who brought talent, insight and energy in spades. It was an honor to work with such brilliant teammates, there are no words that can truly express my gratitude for their selfless contributions to this project both personally and professionally. Thank you, now get some rest.


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