How to use GitHub forks for commenting on Jekyll blogs

Part of the reason I started this blog with Jekyll was to improve my proficency with Ruby, Git, and Vim. Dan Foreman-Mackey, who’s original Jekyll template I forked when starting this, added a neat way for readers to comment using their Github account, and forking the source. I like it a lot, so I’m keeping it.

It has the added benifit of keeping out the trolls.

If you click on the “post a comment” link, below, it will – after checking with you first – fork the source for this page using your GitHub account and then let you edit it. After you add your comment, you can simply submit it as a pull request.

How to add a comment

At the very end of the document, you’ll find a line that looks like:

* github-username - January 1, 2014 - Your comment...

All you need to do is copy this line, add your GitHub username and your comment (written in Markdown syntax) then submit a pull request. You’re also welcome to make changes to the post if you have any suggestions for tweaks. It’s not elegant but it is a novelty! Let me know what you think in the comments section below.


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